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Body-worn biofield-stabilization device
Home Harmonizer
Subtle energy field distributor for homes.
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The BIOPRO Home Harmonizer offers an exciting way to help create an electromagnetic pollution-free oasis in your home, so that you and your family can enjoy peaceful, healing energy in your personal environment.

  • Helps mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields emanating from the wiring in your walls and the devices plugged into the same circuit
  • Radiates a peaceful subtle energy field in a 60ft radius
  • Great for home or office
  • Uses no electricity
  • Lasts indefinitley (loses 5% of its charge every 100 years)
  • Can be moved from place to place, taken on vacation, and carried in the car or on planes

Substantiated by decades of research and testing, the Home Harmonizer is a great solution for increasing your health and well being in an EMR saturated world. Many people have noticed major changes after using them in thier home, especially with kids, who often sleep better, and therefore behave more calmly throughout the day, get better grades in school, etc.
Single - $213.50

4 Pack - $812.50
Quick FAQs

Q. If I wear a personal EMF protection device (such as a BioLife pendant) or have a plug-in device in my home (such as the Home Harmonizer), do I still need to use Cell Chips and Universal Chips on my electronic devices?
A. Generally, yes, unless you almost never use the device. These two technologies were designed to be used together, providing a layering of protection. The pendant and home harmonizer help strengthen and stabilize your biofield, but it is still not a good idea to actively bombard yourself with unprotected devices, especially wireless technology which is actively filling your environment with microwave radiation.

Q. Is it necessary to put a Home Harmonizer on every floor of my home?
A. No. The Home Hamonizer radiates in a 60ft radius sphere, so if it is placed near the center of the home, one is often enough. Overlapping fields can increase the overall effect, however, so many people try to plug one in to each circuit, or put an extra on in important rooms like bedrooms or home offices.

Q. Does it need to be plugged in to radiate the subtle energy field?
A. No. It needs to be plugged in to help balance the electrical circuit, but the radiation of ERT frequencies is independent of that, so many people carry them in their vehicles or especially when flying, as planes tend to be very high EMF environments.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee on the Biopro products if I find that I am dissatisfied?
A. Yes, absolutely. There is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee for any product, used or unused. Then there is a 90% money back guarantee for the remainder of a year, on any product that is unused or in new condition. Overall, however, Biopro has less than one half of one percent returns, so generally everyone is satisfied!

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