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Biopro Cell Chip
For cellphones, PDAs, bluetooth,etc.
Universal Chip
For computers, TV,  cordless phones, etc.
BioLife Pendant
Body-worn biofield-stabilization device
Home Harmonizer
Subtle energy field distributor for homes.
Smart Card
Targeted intervention and resonance charge for nutritionals
i-H2O System
Extremely bioavailable water to increase cell recovery rate
The BIOPRO Smart Card is charged with the proprietary ERT frequencies and is designed to deliver them in a targeted way to anything from sore muscles and headaches to beverages, vitamins, and other nutritional products.

  • Provides targeted intervention to painful and injured areas through subtle energy resonance technology (ERT)
  • Imparts ERT frequencies to food, drinks, or nutritionals, increasing their bioavailability
  • Enhances taste, especially with acidic or bitter qualities, such as coffee, wine, or lemonade.
  • Facilitates balanced energy on a cellular level, promoting healthy cell function and intercellular communication
  • Lasts indefinitely (loses 5% of its charge every 100 years)

Substantiated by decades of research and testing, the Smart Card is a revolutionary support product that makes any other nutrition more bioavailable, especially to cells that have been dmaged by long term exposure to electromagnetic fields. It also helps allevieate pain, swelling, headaches, etc., by providing resonant energy to cells while they are restoring and rejuvinating themselves.
Single - $69.50
Quick FAQs

Q. Can the Smart Card be used to charge water in place of the i-H2O System?
A. No. The Smart Card will impart ERT frequencies to the water, making it more bioavailable, which the i-H2O System also does, but the main function of the i-H2O System is to use an MRET induced noise field to restructure the water's molecular arrangement, making it dramatically more effective. ERT charged water is good, but MET activation is the most dramatic water technology on Earth.

Q. Can the Smart Card be effectively used in place of the BioLife Pendant?
A. No. The frequency charge of the Smart Card is not as powerful and can not effectively harmonize your energy over the large area of your biofield like the pendant can. The Smart Card is great at close range, however, so many people carry them in the back pockets of their pants in order to provide more ERT frequency to the bones which are producing the bulk of the boby's blood cells. They are also typically worn or taped over painful areas, or placed within the folds of a bandage.

Q. Can I put a Smart Card under a potted plant?
A. Yes. The ERT frequencies are benefifial to any living organism, and many people have reported good results when using them for both plants and animals. Some people have placed them under a pet's sore hips, for instance, while the animal is sleeping.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee on the Biopro products if I find that I am dissatisfied?
A. Yes, absolutely. There is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee for any product, used or unused. Then there is a 90% money back guarantee for the remainder of a year, on any product that is unused or in new condition. Overall, however, Biopro has less than one half of one percent returns, so generally everyone is satisfied!
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