BIOPRO Universal Chip
The BIOPRO Universal Chip offers a groundbreaking and effective way to help you deal with the effects of electromagnetic radiation associated with using your electronic devices and home appliances.

  • Neutralizes harmful effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Works effectively on computers, cordless phones, wireless routers, baby monitors, home appliances, game consoles, power tools, etc.
  • Will NOT affect the signal strength of your wireless devices
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Lasts for 5 years
  • Dual action technology - powerful MRET-Shield technology combined with subtle energy resonance technology (ERT)

Substantiated by decades of research and testing in leading labs and universities, the BIOPRO Universal Chip will make using your favorite electronic devices more conducive to your health and give you the peace of mind you need.
Healing through Science and Nature

EMF Intervention Products
Biopro Cell Chip
For cellphones, PDAs, bluetooth,etc.
Universal Chip
For computers, TV,  cordless phones, etc.
BioLife Pendant
Body-worn biofield-stabilization device
Home Harmonizer
Subtle energy field distributor for homes.
Smart Card
Targeted intervention and resonance charge for nutritionals
i-H2O System
Extremely bioavailable water to increase cell recovery rate


2 Pack - $89.00

6 Pack - $257.50

Quick FAQs

Q. What are the devices that emit the most electromagnetic radiation and that I therefore need Universal Chips for the most?
A. Any wireless device should be your first priority. Cordless phones, wireless routers, and baby monitors are all extrremely aggressive and bombard every living cell in their range with microwave radiation throughout the day. Next should be anything with a screen (televisions and computer monitors), anything with lots of circuitry (desktop computer tower), anything with a heating or cooling element (electric stove, refrigerator, hair dryer, space heater), anything that you sleep next to (clock radio), and anything that uses a great deal of power (vaccuum cleaner, all power tools). It is also a good idea to put two of them in your car, for two reasons: vehicles generate and use a lot more electricity than most people realize, and it is also a metal cage that collects and aggregates ambient electromagnetic fields as you drive around, especially if someone inside is talking on an unprotected cell phone. Also, if you drive a hybrid, you should probably take further measures, such as installing 4-5 Universal Chips inside and also keeping a home harmonizer in the center console.

Q. If I wear a personal EMF protection device (such as a BioLife pendant) or have a plug-in device in my home (such as the Home Harmonizer), do I still need to put Universal Chips on my electronic devices?
A. Generally, yes, unless you almost never use the device. These two technologies were designed to be used together, providing a layering of protection. The pendant and home harmonizer help strengthen and stabilize your biofield, but it is still not a good idea to actively bombard yourself with unprotected devices, especially wireless technology which is actively filling your environment with microwave radiation.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee on the Biopro products if I find that I am dissatisfied?
A. Yes, absolutely. There is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee for any product, used or unused. Then there is a 90% money back guarantee for the remainder of a year, on any product that is unused or in new condition. Overall, however, Biopro has less than one half of one percent returns, so generally everyone is satisfied!
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