ERT - Energy Resonance Technology
What it does: Enhances natural resistance to EMR by emitting subtle energies that strengthen the biofield. It helps dissipate stress producing currents caused by EMF exposure on the biofield, and restores communication between cells.

Subtle energy technologies, such as the ERT, are based on the concept that living organisms are a vital energy system--containing biological building blocks from molecules and cells to tissues and organs, including the organism itself. ERT specifically acts to restore intercellular communication and reduce the harmful "effects" of the exposure to EMR.

Communication between cells is hypothesized to involve subtle low electromagnetic signals that carry the vital information essential for biochemical and physiological processes of the body. The matrix of all these electromagnetic signals or fields in the body constitute the Biofield.

Energy imbalances and blockages occur in the Biofield due to trauma, stress, abuse, deficiencies, outside pathogens or auto-intoxication and immune dysfunction. Computers, TVs, cellphones and other electronic devices emit EMR that likewise disrupt the Biofield and place stress on the body--causing tension, fatigue, headaches and more.

Based on what is known regarding cellular damage induced by EMR, disrupted communication communication between the cells is responsible in large measure for any observable organ-specific stress response following exposure.

When cells are not able to communicate properly, functional requirements between cells, tissues and organs are not met and physiologic processes are compromised. For example, messages from local cell groups or tissues may not reach the immune, nervous or endocrine systems in order to be properly dealth with. The effects of this break in communication are felt at the organ and organism level, resulting in clinical symptoms much of the time.

Following from this, any observed reversal or lessening of the organ-specific stress response following introduction of the ERT field would thus be due in large measure to restoration of the intercellular communication.

The proprietary technology used on the chip itself was developed from the cumulative knowledge of scientific pioneers such as Samuel Hahnemann, Wilhelm Reich, Nicola Tesla, Winfried Otto Schumann, George Lakhowski, Fritz Popp, Alexander Lowen and others. The technology uniquely connects core principles in the fields of bioenergetics, quantum physics and molecular biology. The core charging technology was developed by a group of bioenergetics innovators from Central Europe and North America.
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What is the BIOFIELD? The Biofield is a matrix of natural electromagnetic fields that connect cells, tissues and organs and serve as the main communication network and regulator of life processes, including thinking, running, eating, dreaming and so forth.

Renowned German biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp has been instrumental in defining the biofield and showing, through decades of meticulous research, that the biofield is preeminent over all of the body's biochemical processes.
Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

How the Biopro Chips are programmed with the energy information to regulate your biofield against the effects of EMF

"During activation or charging, a material 'carrier' [in the case of the Cell Chip, a polymer compound with high dielectric constant] ... is exposed to a powerful subtle energy field in an Energy Elevation Chamber (EEC), also known as a Hollow Room Resonator. This process of so-called entrainment takes place over a specific time period and transforms the carrier into an effective subtle energy transmitter. The carriers chosen effectively harness and emit subtle energies, as well as compatibly interacting with subtle energy structures including a person’s endogenous electro-magnetic field or biofield. After entrainment, the carriers produce beneficial effects on physical structures that correlate to the subtle energy structures.

"ERT interventions are charged with proprietary blends of harmonic frequency-spectra and subsequently stored onto the molecular structure of the carrier inside the EEC. During entrainment, photons trigger a molecular chain reaction in the carrier. Through elevation of an electron to a higher trajectory, photons are emitted that in turn stimulate other molecules. As a result, an intense subtle energy chain reaction is triggered. These subtle energy fields, when targeted at molecular mechanisms, exert a normalizing and regulating effect."

- Ungar, J. et al, Energy Resonance Technology (ERT): A Targeted Intervention For Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Induced Biological Effects (see for this and other documents)

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Targeted intervention and resonance charge for nutritionals
i-H2O System
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