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MRET Shield (Biopro Cell Chip) Research Results
Conducted at Quantum Biotech Ltd., San Diego, California

The Live Blood Cell Analysis was conducted at Quantum Biotech Ltd., Singapore. Drops of blood samples were taken from the fingertip of the subject before and after his introduction to EMR of the cell phone during 5 minutes with and without the installation of BIOPRO's proprietary patented MRET-Shield technology device. The blood samples were observed under the microscope.

The comparison of the images with control one indicated that the installation of device with MRET-Shield technology on cell phone neutralized the effect of EMR at substantial level. The image of blood sample of the subject after his exposure to cell phone without MRET-Shield technology shows the pattern of Rouleau formation (cells are stacked forming worm-like pattern) which usually corresponds to the symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath, and poor blood circulation because red blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen. The image of blood sample of the subject after his exposure to cell phone with MRET-Shield technology shows immediate restoration of blood cells morphology.

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