Ear candling is a very gentle, effective way to remove wax build up and other substances from the ear canals. When done properly, many people have experienced increased hearing, pronounced sinus drainage and toxin release, lessening of tooth pain, and many other amazing results.

Ear candling is an ancient therapeutic art, thought to have been developed shortly after the domesticaltion of the honeybee. It was practiced most notably by the ancient egyptians, who had the fine cotton cloth and beeswax required for their manufacture. Evidence of the practice has been found in both Egypt and the Orient, and it can traced back to at least 2500 BCE.

Despite the long standing practice of this therapy and its widely known effectiveness, there continues to be a great deal of controversy surrounding ear candling. This is largly due to the fact that many, if not most, ear candles available on the common market are of inferior quality and design. To be effective, ear candles must be straight and slender, not changing diameter along the length, and shaped not unlike a long straw. Most types that can be found in health food stores do not fit this description, and are instead much wider at the burning end than at the end that fits into the ear. A study was done, which is often quoted by people who say ear candling is a sham, where it was shown that these fat, or cone shaped, candles produce no suction, remove nothing from the ear, and in fact often deposit wax from the candle into the ear canal.

Rest assured that we at Quantum Nature Care use and provide only the best ear candles available. We know what constitutes an effective design, and most ear candles on the market serve only to give the entire practice a bad name. We have seen dramatic results with our candles again and again, and we encourage you to give these a try, especially if you have been dissatisfied by previous results with other products.

We offer ear candles for sale and also offer it as a service. The ear candling appointments cost $90 per person and include two appointments, all the necessary supplies and a professional to help you get the most out of the process. The first appointment is about an hour and a half and involves two candles per ear as well as a flushing procedure. This is followed by a week long program of using neem oil to soften the remaining ear wax, then finally a half hour appointment for a final candling. Please contact us to make arrangements.
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Ear Candling
Frequently Asked Questions

Just what is Ear Candling?
There are several names used for this process, such as wicking, coning and candling. Candling is using a vehicle to create suction and air flow through the ear canal. We recommend that an 11 inch to 12 inch long straight candle similar to a straw be used. One end of the candle is placed snugly in the ear and the other end of the candle is lit. The end of the candle will burn like a wick of a dripless candle. The candle should be made of 100% cotton, covered with purified non-carcinogenic paraffins and purified bees waxes. The waxes are combined in such a way as to make them dripless and as smokeless as possible. The candle will burn slowly and steadily.

When the candle is lit, the air in the straw warms up, forcing cooler air down one side of the candle and warmer air up the other side. This creates a vacuum in the straw and in the ear. This is why the candle must fit snugly in the ear. This in turn forces the warmed air into the ear and when the warm air leaves the ear it draws material out.

What will I see inside the candle?
After you use a candle you will want to cut the candle open to see what is inside. As an experiment if you take a test tube and attach it to the bottom end of an ear candle and light the top end, you will see that no residuals from the candle are deposited in the test tube. You will notice only a small flaky off-white residual deposit up near the flame inside the candle. When you are burning the candle in your ear anything else you see will have come from inside your ear.

Straight candles vs. cone candles
"As a manufacturer of ear candles we have had many requests to make different shaped candles. One such shape that was constantly asked or was the "cone candle". In response to this demand we made a significant investment in tooling and equipping to manufacture cone candles. After the process had been refined and before we started mass production, we ran tests on the product. At first we were extremely pleased with the amount of material that apparently was drawn out of the ear into the candle. But further tests done on an empty test tube provided us with more information. Due to its shape and the increasing amount of heat the channeling of the air is changed. We found that the cone candle actually left debris in the ear. The heavy wax that formed in the candle came from the candle itself. We now strongly discourage the use of cone shaped ear candles. They can deposit unwanted material in the ear."

How many candles are needed?
We have found that it takes and average of three candles per ear. The first candle clears the channel and starts drawing impacted material. The second candle draws and starts removing the impacted material and the third candle deep cleans.

Are there conditions that might make ear candling dangerous?
Yes. Ear candling is not recommended for people with severe ear injuries, such as damaged ear drums.
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Ear Candling Kit
$50 - Includes 6 pr. candles, neem oil for softening ear wax, syringe for washing and flushing ears, and instruction booklet.

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