"Our food should be our medicine, our medicine, our food."
Healing through Science and Nature

Quantum Food and Nutrition
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HEALTH CATEGORIES (Dental Care to Heart & Circulation)

Quantum Dental-Zyme
Premier transglucosidase enzyme formula to promote healthy teeth; taken internally.* (60 VCaps)

$ 19.95 (60 VCaps)

Quantum Coral Complex
Highly alkalinizing coral minerals and mycelial extract formula for an ideal, alkaline pH.* Features highly ionized calcium and magnesium from Sango marine coral minerals, coupled with Mycel-Pro™ (a fermented mycelial
extract blend) for whole body support. This is a legendary support product for the immune system, bones,
joints, teeth, kidneys, intestines, liver and an optimal alkaline pH (a requirement for efficient nutrient uptake as well as for healthy immune function.)* Available in 90 and 300 VCap sizes.

$ 24.95 (90 VCaps)

$ 79.95 (300 VCaps)

Quantum Neem Oil
Quantum-state neem oil from India; rejuvenating skin benefits; nourishes and moisturizes the skin; often used with neem bark. Can be mixed with toothpaste or applied directly to gums for infection, sensitivity, gum problems, etc.* 

$ 14.95 (1 fl oz)

Medi-Dental Pack
Quantum-state montmorillinite mineral formula; effective external detox and cleansing of targeted dental areas  (5 oz) .*  Best when coupled with Detox-ND. 

$ 24.95 (5oz Powder)

Quantum Digest
Highly purified plant enzyme formula; full spectrum digestive support for fats, carbohydrates, proteins and dairy; highly effective for digestive support as well as cleansing; especially important to take after eating cooked food meals.* (60 VCaps)

$ 24.95 (60 VCaps)

Quantum Stomach Complex
Incomparable, quantum-state nutraceutical formula for superior stomach and digestive support.* (60 VCaps)

$ 19.95 (60 VCaps)

Quantum Cleanse Blend
Quantum-state intestinal cleansing blend featuring two prime formulas: The Fiber Expert with premier psyllium (2426mg/tsp) and Botanica Cleanse, the perfect synergistic botanical cleansing blend; helps rejuvenate the body by cleansing old waste residues. VCaps available for those with sensitive palette.*

$ 29.95 (8oz Powder)                                $ 19.95 (180 VCaps)

HCL Detox Kit (Includes Quantum Betaine HCL & Quantum HCL Activator)
Live-source, beet-derived betaine hydrochloric acid and activator; superior digestive support; promotes excellent whole body detox; assists the body’s natural stomach acids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and B12.* (60 VCaps per bottle)

$ 33.90 (2 Items) 

Quantum Whey Protein Powder
Premier quality, pesticide-free whey produced by ultrafiltration (no kidney stress from cross-linked proteins) with 25% glycomacropeptides (3g/serving); promotes the lean body weight, high energy, immune and anti-aging support.* (10 oz powder)

$ 18.95 (10 oz)

Lean-Body Whey Protein Blend
Delicious Super Nutrient protein supplement; features Whey Protein Pro (pesticide-free whey protein) and three Power Blends all in one capsule; impressive ORAC content; advanced lean body weight, high energy, immune and anti-aging support; mix in water, juice or kefir for high daily energy levels.* (13 oz.,10 svgs) 

$ 25.95 (13oz)

Thermogenic botanical fat burner formula; efficient fat burning without ephedra; features Thermo-Burn and Thermo-Burn Support with guarana, garcinia, chrysin, MCP, bitter melon, turmeric & much more; promotes healthy hormone balance and intestinal/liver cleansing.* (90 VCaps)

$ 19.95 (90 VCaps) 

Muscle Power Boost
Natural-source creatine and chicory-based FOS formula; supports quantum-state muscle strength and definition; premier quality creatine (not a synthetic source); great for muscle definition support for both men and women.* (266 gms)

$ 27.95 (266 gms)

Quantum NADH
The only pH-balanced NADH available; advanced brain, memory, alertness, liver and whole body support; promotes athletic performance and DNA rejuvenation.* (30 VCaps)

$ 32.95 (30 VCaps)

Tocotriene Complex
Quantum-state SRB (stabilized rice bran) formula; high energy, pancreas and immune support; great tasting.* (12oz powder))

$ 21.95 (12oz)

Medi-Aminos (Rice)
A functional Super Food extract dervied from quantum-state jasmine rice; features an impressive source of free-form amino acids (1030 mg/serving); advanced nutritional support for peak endurance and performance; mix in food for instant easy-to-digest protein support.* (12oz powder)) 

$ 28.95 (12oz)

Quantum Nucleotide Complex
Highly bio-available nucelocelles for cellular rejuvenation and immunity support of the eyes, ears, nose and throat; promotes high energy, protein synthesis and vitality; also promotes beneficial bacteria.* (60 VCaps)

$ 24.95 (60 VCaps)

Amino hGH
A unique ratio of quantum-state amino acids based on German research. Supports healthy production of human growth hormone; promotes high energy, muscle strength, lean body weight and longevity; human growth hormone is often low in vegetarians and the elderly.* (105 VCaps)

$ 18.95 (105 VCaps)

Nanized nutraceutical concentrate; supports the entire cardiovascular system, including healthy
blood flow, circulation, blood pressure already within the normal range; also supports heart and artery health.* Formerly called Heart-Nano. (8 fl oz)

$ 39.95 (8 fl oz) 

Quantum Heart Complex
Nutraceutical heart support formula; promotes heart and circulation support;* often used with the HCL Detox Kit. (30 VCaps) 

$ 29.95 (30 VCaps)

Quantum-state diosmin and hesperidin formula; advanced support for veins, circulation and diminishing spider veins.* (60 VCaps)

$ 20.95 (60 VCaps) 

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