Premier Skin Care Kit 
Includes one each of 5 products: Premier Facial Cleanser, Premier Facial Tonic, premier Skin Serum, Premier Liquid Complex, Premier Colostrum Cream (Over 2+ month supply)

$ 81.75 (5 Items)

Premier Colostrum Cream
Thick, luxurious clostrum face/body cream for radiant healthy skin: world-class skin nutrient cream.
(1.5 oz.)

$ 19.95 (1.5oz)

Premier Facial Cleanser
The ultimate natural cleansing formula; deep cleans skin without drying; no sodium lauryl sulfate or other toxic chemicals (4 fl. oz.)

$ 9.95 (4 fl oz)

Premier Facial Tonic
The perfect herbal formula to clean and tighten pores for velvety, smooth-textured skin; no alcohol or toxic tagalongs (4 fl. oz.)

$ 9.95 (4 fl oz)

Premier Skin Serum
The ultimate skin-refining lotion; quantum state herbal formula for great looking skin (1 fl. oz.)

$ 21.95 (1 fl oz)

Youthful Skin Lipid
An Ayurvedic blend of herbal extracts and essential oils containing the Sacred Lotus Flower, Gotu Kola, Indian Madder and Sensitive Plant to name a few. Penetrating deep to nourish all seven layers of the skin, it protects the surface layers from environmental irritants and toxins, and delivers intensive lipid replenishment. 
$29.95 (10 ml)

Quantum Natural Gesterone Cream
Contains USP natural progesterone (wild yam source) cream (18 mg per 1/4 tsp.); superior balancing cream (1.5 oz.)

$ 24.95 (1.5oz)

Premier DNA Repair Cream
Luxurious multi-nutrient facial cream; the ultimate formula for radiant, healthy skin; no toxic preservatives (1 oz.)

$ 49.95 (1oz)

Quantum Rejuvenation Cream
Luxurious natural trio balancing cream with "fountain of youth" complexes; contains USP natural pregnenelone (45 mg per 1/4 tsp.); USP natural progesterone (18 mg per 1/4 tsp.) and live-source USP DHEA (45 mg per 1/4 tsp.)  (1.5 oz.)

$ 39.95 (1.5oz)

Clarisonic Skin Care Kit
Microsonic frequencies (300 oscillations oper second) invigorate, massage, and deep cleanse for smoother, more radiant skin; reduces problem skin areas, fine lines and wrinkles; reduces appearances of visible pores; used by top actors and models; cordless and rechargeable; comes with one sensitive brush head.

$ 189.95

Supplement for the promotion of healthy hair growth for fuller, shinier, more luxurious hair. EluHair provides a rich combination of botanical extracts and nutrients for hair at its most critical point - the root. Hair is designed to improve the luster, shine and overall health of hair while slowing and preventing hair loss.*

$ 19.99 (120 Count)

Supplement for optimal Tanning Results. EluSun is the year-round choice for anyone seeking a dark, golden tan perfect for those that worship the sun, use tanning beds, or just want to look like they do. The rich combination of carotenes, antioxidants and Borage Oil help to promote a tan from within, and help to maintain healthy skin before, during and after tanning.*

$ 19.99 (120 Count)

EluSkin promotes optimal hydration to revitalize and firm the skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Among the key ingredients, Borage Oil and Evening Primrose Oil provide a natural source of concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids to improve moisture and suppleness. Camelina Oil, a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids for improving skin elasticity, aids in returning your skin to its natural beauty and youth. Other vital ingredients are essential for the overall health and regeneration of the skin.*

$ 19.99 (120 Count)

Breast Enhance
Used historically to help increase bust size and firmness. Tends to equalize the size of mismatched breasts.*

$ 35.31 (6 fl oz)

Healing through Science and Nature

When it comes to skin, hair and beauty products, there are two prevailing philosophies, and there really could not be more difference between the two. The old paradigm of using make-up to create an artificial mask is, happily, slowly losing ground to the new ideal of natural beauty and nourishing the body with clean, healthy organic products. That means high quality skin and hair care products and it also means good nutrition. In fact, nutrition and inner health are really the cornerstones of having a youthful appearance. (Of course, the importance of happiness and inner peace should also not be overlooked!)
Problems with the hair, nails and skin are often a warning sign of poor nutrition, low pH, or possibly much more serious conditions. In fact, if you are experiencing significant weakness in any of these areas, we recommend that you schedule a consultation appointment to take a deeper look and find the causes. Build a strong foundation for inner health, and outer beauty will follow automatically. That said, there are a number of highly effective skin and hair care products offered here, and these are the cleanest most nourishing health products available. 

Organic Skin, Hair, and Beauty Care

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