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"Our food should be our medicine, our medicine, our food." - Hippocrates

“The biggest problem I see with most multi-vitamin products on the market is that they are made from synthetic or isolated nutrients -- forms that do not naturally occur in nature. They are man-made. They only “mimic” the real vitamins found in natural-source nutrient concentrates. These artificial forms might help in the short term -- but they can age you faster in the long run and give you even more symptoms.

These synthetic forms do not have a “body of light” -- which means they lack the ability to engender optimal cellular resonance in the body.

I invite you to join the new paradigm that has begun in the U.S. -- getting back to the basics -- real, natural-source Super Nutrients -- with the amazing ability to promote ideal cellular resonance, the essential prerequisite for optimal health. That’s why Quantum Daily Multi is one of our top sellers -- it contains 100% natural-source Super Nutrients - the perfect daily nutrient booster for the whole family.

You won’t find a single isolated vitamin or mineral listed on the label -- that’s because they are all naturally embedded within the Super Nutrient complexes -- elegantly accompanied

by their synergists, co-factors and transporters -- like a perfect symphony of nutrients. Welcome to the very best in Super Nutrient nutrition.”

– Robert J. Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN

So throw out your commercial multi-vites and their mass-produced health food store relatives! Even supposedly organic products are often rife with second-rate ingredients and toxic tagalongs! Pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free, whole nutrient, grade 10 organic sources contain all the essential synergists, co-factors and transporters needed to metabolize the nutrients efficiently for best performance -- as well as delivering the maximum potency possible for a true  "quantum nutrition effect". Don’t just take vitamins to feel a little better -- go for feeling fantastic!