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There are several problems associated with weight gain beyond the obvious issue of calorie intake vs. exercise. One problem is the consumption of “empty” calories. By eating food that is devoid of real nutritional value, the body craves great quantities in order to feel satisfied, and the excess energy is stored as fat. Another problem is that MSG is now hidden in almost all prepared food that can be found in a modern grocery store, increasing hunger during the meal and leading to cravings as the effects wear off. Any autolyzed or hydrolyzed ingredient is basically MSG, and even the innocent-sounding “natural flavors” is often a way to conceal MSG in even many health food store items. (The FDA allows products to be called natural flavors if they contain less than 60% MSG).

Another problem often overlooked is the possibility of parasitic infection. Many parasites will cause food cravings for all sorts of “bad” stuff, then they will use the sugars themselves to increase their colonies. Often people who have what appears to be a lot of fat in the belly are actually suffering unaware from an out of control parasite swarm in the gastrointestinal tract. Another problem leading to weight gain can be hormone imbalance. Any of these issues can be a root cause of excess weight, for both children and adults. To learn more about, and then solve a possible parasite or hormone problem, a consultation appointment is recommended in order to find and address your specific needs.

The nutrition and weight control products offered here are the purest, most potent, and most scientifically advanced products available in the world. One problem with most other products is that they focus on one issue or body system, and fail to take into consideration the synergistic nature of the entire body. These products, on the other hand, work with several different body systems cooperatively to support a holistic approach to controlling weight. For instance, using grade 10 organic ingredients that support the endocrine system to balance hormones, the adrenal gland to increase energy, the lymph system and liver to process toxins more efficiently, as well as an array of ingredients to boost fat metabolism and lean muscle mass regeneration, all at once, leads to an effective product that is light years ahead of its competition. For a more detailed example, read the page on the Lean Body Whey Protein Blend.