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The importance of detoxification cannot be overstated. In eliminating toxins from the body, we allow our cells and tissues to function more optimally, increasing the effectiveness of all functions, such as nutrient uptake, immune response, and damage repair. Detoxification should be a cornerstone of any program to increase health and vitality.

Presented here are the purest most powerful detoxing herbs available. Pure detoxing agents are critical, allowing the body to concentrate completely on flushing out and healing, rather than trying to process yet another toxic substance.

Internal agents are used to help detox at the cellular level. Some are general while others are designed to target specific substances, such as chemical residues or heavy metals.

External detoxing agents are also incredibly powerful and present possibilities that are often overlooked. The skin is an incredible organ, capable of pulling massive amounts of toxins out of the body. A wide range of products such as mud packs and soaks are presented here to help with this process. Additionally, it is important to open up your detox "download points" in the hands and feet. Specific protocols have been designed for this process, which why an appointment is recommended before the purchase of Medi-Body Pack.