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"Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible."

Doctors and researchers around the world are growing more and more alarmed about the health risks posed by mobile phones and other emitters of microwave radiation. In fact, the use of mobile phones has been called "more dangerous than smoking or asbestos". In today's electromagnetic polluted world, our children are growing up in an environment 100 million times more saturated with EMR than our grandparents experienced. This toxin is growing at a rate which far exceeds our ability to adapt to it, and many experts are predicting an epidemic of cancers, brain tumors, and neurodegenerative disorders like the world have never seen. Not only that, but DNA damage has been shown to occur under exposure to electromagnetic fields, and many are concerned that we pass mutated genes on to our descendants and are harming the future of our species irreparably.

The good news, however, for those with the foresight to take action early, is that there is a fantastic solution to the problem. GIA Wellness Technology offers the world's only patented and proven technology to mitigate the harmful effects of EMR. Using noise field technology and subtle energy resonance. The GIA Wellness product line provides a layering of protection strategies to truly create a healthy environment for us to thrive in. The third party research supporting the efficacy of these technologies is as exciting as it is dramatic, and there is no better time than right away to remove your family from what can only be described as a worldwide experiment on the long term effects of EMR exposure.

Biopro's Two Technologies and How They Work

  • MRET - Molecular Resonance Effect Technology

    The patented MRET Shield material which powers the Cell Chip, Universal Chip, and i-H2O System, is an advanced polymer which, when stimulated by exposure to EMR, emits a low-frequency noise field. This becomes superimposed on the aggressive high-frequency wave and transforms it into a package that looks more natural to the body's cells. The cells no longer initiate what is basically a panic response to a perceived threat, and therefore the cascade of negative health effects is avoided.

  • ERT - Energy Resonance Technology

    Biopro's proprietary ERT uses a blend of 16 subtle frequencies, which mirror the 16 most basic bioenergetic frequencies of living organisms, to set up a harmonic resonance in the biofield of the person encountering it, thereby strengthening and stabilizing the biofield as well as facilitating strong intracellular communications.

Research Results

SAR Values

Effect of MRET Shield Material on SAR Values of Mobile Phones

Specific Absorption Rate is the standard measurement of cellphone radiation, and this study showed a dramatic reduction after the application of the MRET Shield polymer (Cell Chip).
- RF Exposure Lab, Escondido, U.S.A.


Thermography Test for EMR Exposure Before and After Application of MRET Shield

This ongoing research continues to show measurable heating of tissue from microwave radiation during cellphone calls, and then dramatic cooling after the MRET polymer is applied. The thermograph following the protected cell call often shows even cooler and healthier than the original baseline image.
- Holistic Care Corp, Honolulu, U.S.A.

mret shield computer test results

Effect of MRET Shield Material on Blood Morphology Following Exposure to EMR

This study showed that damage to blood cells was significantly mitigated by the MRET Shield polymer, as measured by a relative decrease in granulocyte count (a healthy component of white blood cells) and increased lymphocyte count (inflammatory stress response) following exposure to EMR.
- Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, U.S.A.


Cranial Nerve Test

This study shows the negative effects on the immune system of exposure to EMR from various sources, and how the application of the MRET polymer eliminates the problem and actually enhances and supports immune function.
- Tex Chu Technology Corp, Taipei, Taiwan


3D-MRA Sectional Analysis of Human Brain Function

This research used Magnetic Resonance Angiograms to show the negative effect of cellphone radiation on blood flow in all parts of the brain. Then it shows that installation of the MRET polymer compensates for this negative effect and helps to maintain the brain's blood vessels in a healthy state.
- Tex Chu Technology Corp., Taipei, Taiwan


Effects of EMR Exposure on the Germination and Growth of Plant Seeds, Beans, and Yeast

Samples were grown for 12 days in close proximity to cellphones in stand by mode, both with and without the MRET polymer applied. Samples near the MRET protected cellphones showed increased germination rate, growth, and overall health.
- Global Quantech, San Diego, U.S.A.


Effect MRET Shield on Brainwave Activity Following Exposure to EMR

This study used EEG analysis to show the disruption of brainwave activity from cellphone radiation and then how the patterns remained calm and normal after installation of the MRET Shield polymer.
- S.A. Biomedical Instrumentation Co., San Diego, U.S.A.


Live Blood Cell Analysis

This study shows the harmful effect of cellphone radiation on blood cell formation, and how the effects disappear and the blood returns to its normal healthy state after the installation of the MRET polymer.
- Quantum Biotech Ltd., Singapore


Research Results on ERT (Energy Resonance Technology)

This is a collection of studies done on the efficacy of Biopro's proprietary ERT technology in mitigating the effects of EMR and in strengthening and stabilizing the biofield. Studies include Meridian Stress Assessment, Thermography, and Human stress response tests.
- Quantum Nature Care, U.S.A


Comparative Study of the Effect of Microwave Radiation Neutralizers on Human Subjects

The new, small microcomplexed particles are released from the body via the colon, skin, and urine. This study used Vibraimage technology to measure the physiological effects on human subjects of using mobile phones with competing neutralizers applied and showed that the MRET Shield polymer was by far the most effective at mitigating the overall effects of cellphone radiation.
- Elsys Corp., St. Petersburg, Russia